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11/15 #hitpause Live Music

Live Music with Matt Van Y

South Main Village

Part of our vision for the shop is to provide a space for you to pause from the hectic pace of life. Sometimes you just need a few moments to reconnect with yourself, exhale the breath you’ve been holding, give your mind space to process, or be fully present. We’ve read so much research about how a moment of pause is not only critical to your health, but also to your work productivity and creativity.
We invite you into our space to #hitpause and are adding a few regular opportunities to do so. First, our good friend Matt Van Y will now be playing from 12p-1p every Friday. Soak in his music as you eat your lunch (yes, you can bring it in! Just no outside drinks, please), chat with a friend, read a few pages of a book, or whatever helps you catch a moment to reset.

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