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Cyanotype Printing Workshop at Art Room

South Main Village


Edgar Miller

July 27, 2019
9:00 am – 11:00 am

Age: 12+

If blue is one of your favorite colors, then cyanotype printing is for you! In this class, local photographer and educator, Edgar Miller, will teach you the history and techniques of cyanotype (blueprint/sunprint) printing. Using the sun, a variety of objects, and digital negatives to make photograms and contact prints, you will make your very own unique photographs. You will also receive extra sheets of paper to continue your own experimentation at home. Join us for fun in the sun making cyanotype prints!

In order to have two digital negatives printed prior to the day of the workshop, please email two different images to These will be at a 5 x 7-inch scale and used for contact printing.

Supplies included:

  • 5 — 5 x 7-inch pre-coated cyanotype sheets
  • Two printed digital negatives on transparencies
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