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Entrepreneur's Connection - Small Business Empowerment

Genuine networking and empowering education for business growth.

Park Place Village

We are a monthly meeting for Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners, their Business Partners, and Staff Members. Empowering Entrepreneurs to Realize Their Potential!

We have 3 Goals:
1. Share Best Practices through our Entrepreneurial Speakers
2. Encourage Meaningful Networking
3. Facilitate Community Support (though our showcasing of Entrepreneurial Not-for-Profit Organizations)

Registration is $25 and includes lunch.

June Speaker: Debbie Mrazek. She is President of The Sales Company, a Texas-based firm that is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, individuals, and cooperations better assess, understand and engage in practical purposeful selling. She is a high energy, get it done sooner than later, kick butt and take names Sales Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Author. This year she has kicked off her brand new Membership Program - #GREATSALESPEOPLE to help more people be able to excel at SALES!

How to Hire GREAT Salespeople - (Part 1)
Have you struggled to find the RIGHT Sales Person?
Is it time for you to not be the salesperson any longer?

Join us to:
Learn how to identify who is a GREAT salesperson for YOUR company
Understand whether to pay a salary, a commission, a draw, a bonus
Figure out what you need to do to prepare to hire a salesperson

Not for Profit Speaker is - Lyn Scott
She is Executive Director of Guardianship Services, Inc. (GSI) located in Fort Worth, Texas. Scott has extensive experience in the Tarrant County nonprofit community, previously serving as Chief Operating Officer of a permanent supportive housing agency.

ADDITIONAL PARKING - 1 Block South of Park Place Ave off Jefferson AVE. Enter through the double glass doors.

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