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Find Your Why to Finish Strong

Start the Next Decade with Clarity

Park Place Village


Life is a race, a journey. You are constantly in motion, progressing forward day by day, week by week. Often, you are on autopilot and before you know it six months have gone by, then five years.

STOP! Take time now to get clear on what you want your race to be in 2020 and the next decade. We are creating a space for you to hit pause on your life (even for a short while), to find clarity, and define your why so you can finish your race strong.

Don’t worry, there will not be any running. You can leave your running shoes at home.

In this workshop, you will take time to:

  • Clarify your journey
  • Learn how to make the most of life’s moments
  • Reconnect with your why in life and business
  • Discuss the importance of your choices now
  • Take the first step towards genuine happiness, joy & fulfillment

Includes a box lunch, worksheets and time for you to work on you.


Don Armstrong, Empowering Speaker/Author/Coach

Don Armstrong is an impactful and inspiring speaker, author and survivor. A leukemia survivor, who has become a “life thriver” since his healing and recovery, Don’s story is one of transformation and impact. His life-changing battle with blood cancer revealed critical elements of Don’s life that were missing. Life now for Don is about more than surviving but about making a difference in as many lives as possible. Don thrives on sharing his journey, the life lessons and the huge victories that changed his personal and professional life.

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