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GEW Power of Productivity Work Sprint

Global Entrepreneurship Week Event

Park Place Village


Being productive as an entrepreneur is tough. We face distractions and productivity killers every day.

That's where Work Sprints come in.

Work Sprint is a highly effective way to focus, get a lot of work done, and actually enjoy it. You’ll be surrounded by other focused professionals who are also working hard to accomplish a task.

How does it work?
Over 2.5 hours, you will experience 4 Work Sprints along with breaks to stretch, grab a snack and refresh. Everyone in attendance introduces themselves and shares a project or task they are working on. It’s all about heads down and getting it done. In the end, you’re invited to share your accomplishments and experience.

Note: You do not have to stay the entire three hours; if you finish your tasks after a couple of work sprints you are welcome to leave during a break

There are only 26 seats so register early! Seating is limited and by registration only.

This event is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Power of Productivity is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 happening in Fort Worth. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a global movement occurring in hundreds of cities that reaches millions of people through events and activities. Fort Worth will feature events that fall into one or more of the following global themes.

Find all of the GEW Fort Worth events HERE.

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