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When it comes to family, transition is relative.

Vickery Village

A play by Taylor Mac

"A remarkable, audacious, uproarious black comedy with a daring combination of realism and madcap absurdity." - New York Times

After returning from the wars, Isaac arrives at his childhood home to discover that the house and family he knew have been upended. His once-timid mother is on a whirlwind crusade to subvert the patriarchy, his sister is now his genderqueer brother who refers to hirself in gender-neutral pronouns. Meanwhile, his stroke-ridden father slumps on the couch in a muumuu and clown makeup. As Isaac attempts to reclaim structure in a household that refuses to be tamed, the family is forced to confront what it is to live in a new world when one is stuck in the past.  More Info

(Hir is pronounced like /here/. It is a gender neutral pronoun.) 


Hir ... runs 5/17-6/17
Previews 5/17 & 5/18.  
Opens Sat, 5/19 with a champagne reception and hors d'ouvres from Chimera Brewing Company
Thursday 7:30 | Saturday & Sunday 8:00 | Sunday 3:00
Tickets for folks under 30 are always $17! 
Prix Fixe Fridays: Dinner at the Lobby Cafe + Show: 
Every Friday after the first Friday of each show, $50 per person buys dinner (gratuity included) and the show (does not include alcoholic beverage or appetizers.)
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