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Open Streets 2018

SAVE THE DATE- Sunday, April 15

Magnolia Village Fairmount

SAVE THE DATE - Sunday, April 15 from Noon to 4pm

Open Streets is a four-hour Sunday event that closes Magnolia Avenue to traffic and opens it up to cyclists, food trucks, dog-walkers, skateboarders, yoga classes, face-painters, and much more. The event is an expression of the Near Southside's community spirit in every way: local businesses set up activities along the route; neighborhood residents help spread the word about street closures and detours; and dozens of community partners take ownership of key planning details such as routes and activities, temporary public art projects, pet adoptions, bike safety courses, setting up and breaking down barricades on event day, and much more. Open Streets was presented by Near Southside, Inc. and the City of Fort Worth for the first time in 2011 and drew hundreds of participants. Since then, the event has grown to be one of the Near Southside's most beloved community events with attendance in the thousands and more than 120 community partners.

Open Streets is a national movement with more than 90 documented initiatives in North America. Open streets events are increasingly common in cities seeking innovative ways to achieve environmental, social, economic, and public health goals by temporarily closing streets to automobile traffic, so that people may use them for walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, and socializing.


Sunday, April 15, 2018


Noon to 4 PM


Magnolia Avenue from Hemphill to 8th Avenue


Free to the public


Open Streets typically brings an estimated attendance of 10,000+ attendees during the 4-hour event.



Registration opens early February 2018. Please check back for details. It's easy to participate in Open Streets as an activity provider. Partners are simply asked to provide a free, family-friendly activity that gets our patrons moving in exchange for space on the street with us. GET CREATIVE! The wilder your activity, the more fun Open Streets will be. Try to avoid “predictable experiences” that are found at other outdoor festivals and reach for ideas that will take people by surprise. Your activity does not have to be directly related to your business/organization. Instead, think of your activity as a way to draw people to your booth so that you can build a relationship with the public and then share information about your business/organization. Open Streets is a healthy communities event focused on biking, boarding, skating, and environmental advocacy. We strongly encourage you to draw inspiration for your activity from these event themes. If you'd like to participate please contact for details. Thanks for your consideration!



NSI is seeking sponsorship for the 2018 Open Streets. The Open Streets event offers the opportunity for community-minded businesses and institutions to gain publicity through their support of an exciting neighborhood street festival that has garnered widespread attention by both the media and the pubic. The event has become a treasured component of life in the Near Southside. Terms and benefits of sponsorship are listed below.


Title Sponsorship $10,000 (exclusive oppportunity for 1)

Community Partner $1,500 (limited to five partners)


FOOD VENDORS ($250 fee) and MARKET VENDORS ($45 fee)

    • Food vendors are defined as businesses selling food items that are designed for consumption at the event.  
    • Market vendors are defined as businesses selling food/produce that are to be consumed after the event.  
    • For example, if you are selling freshly prepared nachos, you would be considered a food vendor. If you are selling homemade jarred salsa you would be considered a market vendor. The Open Streets market has a limited amount of space for vendors and focuses primarily on the cottage foods, locally grown produce, and plants. Think of our market block as a farmers market and you’ve got the idea! Vendors will be accepted based on space availability and curated for variety. 
    • All vendors are required to seek the appropriate permits from the Fort Worth Health Department and should anticipate an inspection prior to or during the event by the health inspector.
    • We cannot provide power during Open Streets.  If your activity requires power, please contact us to discuss opportunities to rent a generator or build a partnership with a local business that might offer their power to you. Our preference would be that all actives be “power free” and as self-supporting as possible.



  • Set up will occur in two waves: group A arriving at 9:00 am and group B arriving at 10:00 am. You will be assigned a group after the Open Streets site plan is finalized. All activity providers are requested to arrive with at least two volunteers/workers for each booth.
  • Activity partners must bring all items necessary for their set up. We provide the street space, you bring everything else needed including tent, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Tear down begins at 4:00 pm and must be complete by 6:00 pm.
  • Open Streets has a site plan that divides Magnolia Avenue into two halves.  
    • ROLL ZONE: The northern half of Magnolia Avenue (starting at the center of the turn lane and moving towards the north curb) is designed as the ROLL ZONE and will be dedicated to free movement of bicycles, stakeboards, non-motorized scooters and skates. 
    • STROLL ZONE:  The southern half of Magnolia Avenue (starting in the center of the turn lane and moving towards the south curb) is designated as the STROLL ZONE and is where all of our activity provider tents will be located with enough space for pedestrians to walk freely as they enjoy the festival’s offerings. All activity partners and vendors will be set up in the street, with the back of your tent along the south curb of Magnolia Avenue facing towards the street. 
  • Unlike Friday on the Green and ArtsGoggle, Open Streets is not an event that hosts stages for music and performing arts. It is possible to perform at Open Streets as we strongly encourage musicians to busk acoustically in areas where music would not conflict with the activity providers being heard. For performing arts, that could be fun “get moving” actives such as parkor, stilt walking, ballet folklorico, and tap dancing. We would welcome you to set up a booth where you could offer both performances and opportunities to teach the public about your art. Make sure that the experience you provide is interactive and not only invites the public to watch but to engage. 



Open Streets is presented by Near Southside, Inc. and Historic Southside, Inc. 



Historic Southside, Inc., managed by Near Southside, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Sponsorship contributions made to Historic Southside, Inc. are deductible as charitable donations. W-9 forms will be provided at your request.

Near Southside, Inc. is a private, member-funded, non-profit 501(c)(4) development company dedicated to the revitalization of Fort Worth’s Near Southside. NSI began as a small coalition of Near Southside businesses and community leaders and has grown dramatically over the last decade. We invite you to join us as we promote the redevelopment of Fort Worth’s Near Southside as a vibrant, urban, mixed-use neighborhood.



Megan Henderson

Director of Events & Communications

Near Southside, Inc.

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