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PARK(ing) Day

What if you could build a park... in a parking space?

Magnolia Village South Main Village


Every year on the third Friday in September, in cities throughout the world, PARK(ing) Day takes place. This is a global one-day effort to temporarily reclaim a handful of on-street parking spaces and repurpose them as parklets or “people spaces” to demonstrate the incredible value of these small urban parcels we currently dedicate solely to holding cars.

*** We have created a new and improved registration process for PARK(ing) Day. Since this is a new system, you will be prompted to create a new user account. If you have registered for PARK(ing) Day in the past, please use the same email address if you can.

From now on, you will access your applications at


Last year’s PARK(ing) Day on Magnolia was the first for the Near Southside, and it went beyond our expectations. We can’t wait to do it again, and we want you to join us!

Who: Local businesses and design firms. It's not required to partner together like you did last year (unless you would like to!) Registration is $25.

When: Friday, September 20, from 11 am - 8 pm

Where: Several blocks along Magnolia Ave and possibly S. Main Street. Spot locations will be assigned by Near Southside, Inc. 

The designs from last year were exceptional, and we are sure you already have ideas cooking for this year. If you do need some inspiration, a quick google search of PARK(ing) Day images will be helpful. The options are endless, you can include games, create a comfortable place to sit, install an urban garden, just to name a few. The most successful parklets encourage activity and interaction. We will have judges selecting the above and beyond designs again this year, and we might even include a scavenger hunt as part of the community participation! 

Please remember that the purpose of PARK(ing) Day is to make a statement on the use of public space. This event is not an opportunity to set up a booth to sell items or for company advertisements. 


Lastly, a few more important dates to remember! 

August 23 - Deadline for Participant Applications 

August 27 - Parking Day Space Assignments

September 5 - Parklet Design Pin Up and Happy Hour

September 20 - PARK(ing) Day!!


If you have any questions on the event or with registration please email Allison Docker at

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