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Rebel Rebel

Independent artists declare freedom from the American Nightmare. A group art show.

South Main Village

In the spirit of independence day, the federal holiday celebrating what it means to be free in America; House of Iconoclasts presents our second show, Rebel Rebel, a group show celebrating the freedom to be true to yourself and your individuality.

The realities of this political climate constantly remind us that the people in charge aren’t building a better world for anyone else but themselves, and as such, the rest of us may forget that we are beautiful, intelligent, worthy, and loved. They may not see us on the surface... but we are within the cracks of this earth. Surviving off crumbs and rage, creating a safe haven beneath the rubble as the world above stampedes around in MAGA hats and NRA memberships. Well we’re running out of crumbs... and it’s getting pretty hot down here. It’s time to tear ourselves out of sanctuary, create a new one above and wave our new flag. Let the reptiles slither back into the cracks and holes that we left for them, complimentary hat racks and all.

Performances by:
Pinkish Black
Def Rain
Wild in the Streets

Hosted by Frida Monet

Our first show, Fuck Your Art Degree showcased 83 artists and over 300 pieces of artwork. Now we have a larger exhibit room and we're looking to showcase at least 100 artists. Rebel Rebel is about maintaining your individuality through creativity under the current political climate and administration. We want to see your interpretation of what this means to you.

There isn't a submission fee & all proceeds from any artwork sold goes directly to the artist.
If interested, email us 2-5 high-res photos of your work (include titles & dimensions) and first and last name to
Deadline July 1st.

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