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RIFFAMANIA: Overstuffed Thanksgiving Eve Championship Comedy Spectacular

Live Comedy Combat - A Show Like No Other

South Main Village

Before you gobble one bite of turkey this season, bring your family and friends to witness ill-tempered costumed maniacs burn each other to a nice even crispy black with the power of their razor sharp wit. (80's wrestling themed - comedy roasting)

No Shame, No rules, No Work the next day, No excuses to miss a show like NO other.

We promise an ambitious event in the dimension of RiffaMania and we promise you will see not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but 6 MATCHES in this Overstuffed Thanksgiving Eve Championship Comedy Spectacular. Most importantly watch the penultimate championship belt-match between Mister Panther City and Big D.

Episode 6: The Overstuffed Thanksgiving Eve Championship Comedy Spectacular starts at 10PM, Wednesday, November 27th, and centers around being thankful and then tearing your opponent apart.

Bring lots of single dollar bills to slam on stage for any power-slams or top-rope roasts you hear.

CAUTION - this show is rated R for language and vulgarity. This is Chortle Combat!

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