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RiffaMania Summer Slamadolla

Live Comedy Combat - A Show Like No Other

South Main Village

Come bear witness to a show like no other in he 13th largest city in the nation –– FORT WORTH at the best, the Best, THE BEST venue - Main at South Side (MASS).

Imagine 1980's wrestling with enought gimmicks and pageantry to make the most Macho Man, randy and savage. There is NO WRESTLING but there is insult comedy so scathing you'll have to go to church twice to get things right with heaven again. This 65 minute show will lift you off the ground at 10pm and take your for a ride like you've never experienced before to the dimension of RiffaMania.

Be there, July 31, and be sure to bring single dollar bills to slam on the stage for deserving one-liners.

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