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Spring 2020 Used Book (and Movie) Swap

Bring your books and movies to trade with someone else!

South Main Village

We have had such a good time with our Used Book Swaps that we are excited to announce our Spring Used Book Swap. Additionally, we will be partnering with the The Grand Berry Theater to add movies into the mix!

Drop your books and movies between 1030am-12pm and receive one credit per book/movie, up to 20 credits (must be in good condition; also, think SWAP not garage sale. Remember the better books and movies everyone brings, the better the shopping will be). We'll accept any target age or genre of book. Books will be swapped for books, and movies for movies.

Grab some lunch at one of our neighbors nearby (like The Bearded Lady, Funky Picnic Brewery & Café, or Black Cat Pizza Fort Worth), or visit our neighbors at The Table or Record Town.

Shop the used books and movies between 1230pm-230pm. If you don't have a credit, you can purchase any book for $5. Any remaining books and movies will be donated.

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