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Virtual Mentoring Roundtable

Get help with your business challenges in this VIRTUAL group mastermind.

Park Place Village
Get help with your business challenges in this VIRTUAL group mastermind.

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The Mentoring Roundtable was created to help you talk through business challenges and gain insight from a community of peers.

The group dynamic is key to collaborative brainstorming as well as creative thinking because:

  • You aren’t the only one with that problem
  • Someone else may have overcome a similar problem and provide valuable knowledge
  • Group mentoring provides expansive thinking
  • Sharing your experiences and knowledge can change someone’s business

This is a limited seating event, 8 attendees only, plus a facilitator. The collective wisdom of your fellow attendees will be provided using a unique “What if Up” group mentoring. You are sure to walk away with one or two big “AHA” moments and the support of others to make it happen.

  • Select 1 business challenge or issue you need help with
  • Write out 1 or 2 sentences describing the issue
  • Avoid unnecessary details and back story

Roundtable Format

  • Each person gets 2 minutes to present challenge
  • 1 minute of clarifying questions from attendees
  • 6 - 8 minutes of wisdom offered by the group
  • When receiving the wisdom, you are listen and not respond
  • Take what speaks to you and leave the rest

You will receive the link for the Virtual Meeting after you register for the event. Please be sure to log on early as this is a limited seating event.

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