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Sovereign Jewelry Company

South Main Village

Sovereign Jewelry is the latest venture of the veteran master jeweler Branden “Brando” Smith.

Amalgamating the creative mastery of elegant designs while keeping his finger on the pulse of the cultural edge, Branden “Brando” Smith’s latest venture Sovereign Jewelry pushes the boundaries of liberation. Sovereign gives us the freedom to re-claim our life’s stories, by creating pieces of jewelry that are as unique as our stories. Sovereign is simply not just a jewelry brand…Sovereign Jewelry is a lifestyle choice. Sovereign empowers all of us to take back ownership of our life’s stories. Reign over your stories with pride and no regrets. Whether you and your partner are seeking out the “perfect” wedding set for your upcoming nuptials, or you are in search of a custom iconic piece that boldly says this is who you are. Sovereign Jewelry is THE place take your first step in re-claiming your story, so that you become the Sovereign ruler of your story again.


Born right here in Panther City, aka Fort Worth, Texas, Branden Smith has over 20 years of experience as a master jeweler. Sovereign Jewelry was birthed into existence with Brando’s partner in life, the creative and very talented Liza Smith. Brando and Liza dream up unique, quality jewelry pieces that reflect their clients’ stories. Sovereign Jewelry can assist you in reigning over your story. Own your story. Let Sovereign create a piece of unmistakable jewelry. Empower yourself – take the next step to your own liberation.