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D Method hits 1,000th D Bounce Class

May 01, 2018

D Method fitness studio, located at 1289 Hemphill, will mark its 1,000th bounce class and 20,000 clients this June.

Studio owner and entreprenuer Stephanie Perry opened her studio in November 2014 and has had great success with Pilates classes, barre classes, and safe cardio option D Bounce classes using Bellicon mini-trampolines. These trampolines use special, patented bungee cord rings, making it superior to other competitors. D Method now offers the only official Bellicon bounce classes in North Texas, and Stephanie is one of only four master trainers in the world for Bellicon.

“Rebounding is showing significant help towards prevention of osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as detoxification and protection of the lymphatic system,” explained Stephanie. “There’s no question that that the protected bounce a Bellicon trampoline provides is superior for overall cushion of joints and organs.” Stephanie plans to introduce a new “HIT” – high intensity training – bounce class in June.