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Make Something Beautiful Moves to Near Southside

May 03, 2017

We create: Commercials. Music videos. Public service announcements. Motion graphics. Human interest pieces. Explainer videos. Conference branded films. Educational films. Documentaries. Corporate communications. Editorials. Political campaign videos. Web videos. Television spots. Promos. Scripts. Viral videos. Authentic stories.

We work for: Advertising agencies. Non-profits. Businesses. Brands. We work for the greater good.

It’s not about what you do, it’s about why you do it. For us, everything seems to come back to that simple “why” question. And, when we asked it of ourselves, we found a simple answer – a compelling desire to make something beautiful. It’s why we spend our evenings and weekends working on passion projects like Fort Worth Funky, and the original Make Something Beautiful series.

So, whether it’s the artist tracing the lines of a tattoo across skin, or a financial advisor who cares deeply that his elderly clients can spend their retirement worry-free, we approach them both with that “why?” question. And at the end of our time together, we’ll know each other, and will have captured the raw ingredients to begin to tell an authentic, beautiful story. This is what we love, so this what we do.

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