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The MicroPark is on the Move

Feb 16, 2018

Starting the week of February 18, expect to see some exciting activity at the Magnolia MicroPark as it begins the journey to a new location on South Main Street.
When it was completed in 2016, the MicroPark on Magnolia took a small, underused space, and created a temporary park that was maintained by the community, for the community. With the construction on the Magnolia hotel about to begin, the MicroPark is being packed up for a new destination in South Main Village. As it continues to reinvent itself, the MicroPark will now bring to South Main Village the family-friendly outdoor gathering space that it provided on Magnolia Avenue.
The MicroPark's New Home: The SOMA Development
Lori Powers Henderson and Tucker Henderson are working to bring new life to four great historic storefronts along South Main Street called the SoMa Development at 125 South Main. The buildings have been owned for nearly six decades by the Powers family and used as headquarters of the W.A. Powers Co.
The Hendersons' plans include Tinie's Mexican Rotisserie from the co-owners of Taco Heads, El Escondite Cocktail Lounge from the owner of Thompson's Bookstore, and Tarantula Tiki Bar from the The Boiled Owl Tavern's owners. Part of the SoMa development will include repurposing the abandoned alleyway alongside the northern and eastern faces of the W.A. Powers properties as a public plaza, which will incorporate the relocated MicroPark, right across from Tinie's.
Stay tuned for details about a community build day. In the meantime, we welcome your thoughts about the Magnolia MicroPark via this brief survey.