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USS Fort Worth Art Contest

Jun 08, 2017

Participate in the USS Fort Worth at contest to decorate the ship and offices to use for postcards and other graphics.


Size: Max of 18"x24"
Media: Photo, Mixed, Paint, Pencils, You Decide
Material: Anything 2D (e.g. Paper, Canvas)
Subject: Anything that shows GRIT & TENECITY (the ship's motto) or the Spirit of Fort Worth

Kids: Pre-K – 5th Graders
Teens: 6th – 12th Graders
Millenialls: Ages 18-22
Adults: Ages 22 and up

J.R. Labbe, JPS
Tal Milan, Milan Gallery
Erin Rahr, Rahr Brewery

Entries due June 12th
Fort Worth Aviation Museum
Fire Station #18

Contact Kristen for others.


Entries become the property of the USS Fort Worth Support Committee to be used to spread awareness of the USS Fort Worthand to build morale of the sailors abourd the ship. Thank you for participating and for supporting the men and women who serve on the USS Fort Worth!


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