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Urban Sugar Inc.

South Main Village

A desire to create a place where people could indulge their sweet tooth and connect with flavorful memories was the dream behind Urban Sugar. The essence of our dream was to have fun and enjoy the work of bringing pleasure to others.

Beginning this journey involved delving into many unknowns, including the infinite number of decisions involved with finding, designing and remodeling a space that would inspire happy feelings. Between my wife and I, we had some remodeling experience under our belts, some retail experience, and some small business experience, so we made the commitment to be bold and take the plunge. We summed up all the courage we could muster and began our Saturday morning brunches as a couple committed to researching and learning everything we could about business in general and about the candy business in particular.

After calculating all the risks, we decided to “plant the seed” that would bring fruition to our dream by finding a space and beginning the transformation. We knew that the transformation of the space was symbolic to the transformation taking place in our own lives. After being an educator for decades, the thought of changing careers made my knees weak, but I was ready for a change. We chose the Near Southside neighborhood for its commitment to renewal and revitalization.

We then focused on the emotions we wanted our space to evoke. We both agreed that we wanted Urban Sugar to personify the “like a kid in a candy shop!”saying. We wanted the senses to be instantly stimulated when entering our doors by sights, smells, textures and tastes. We also wanted customers to have many choices to indulge in. With these thoughts in mind, we now have created just that, a fun and flavorful haven for favorite treats and happy moments. We want to invite you to visit us at 459 S. Jennings and find your sweet bliss at Urban Sugar!