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Who is 97w?

Founded by partners Jason Eggenburger and Steven Halliday, 97w is a Fort Worth, TX based, collaborative design lab that produces sustainable, limitless and timeless architecture.  Through a process of iterative experimentation, 97w operate as a workshop – exploring ideas of time, space, light and materiality.  By listening to our clients, we define an idea, formulate the design and carry it through to completion.  Each project is designed to respond to its specific geography, culture and history as a natural partner with the environment.

What is in a name?

97w originated in Fort Worth, Texas, a frontier city located on the 97th meridian.  In 1893,  Frederick Jackson Turner introduced The Frontier Thesis, which stated that the seemingly boundlessness of a western frontier was the primary factor in the development of American civilization.   Walter Prescott Webb later identified the 98th meridian as the key geographical feature in the development of American history and culture.  The adaptation to a dry, treeless climate forced radical change in every aspect of American art, agriculture, industry and especially architecture.  In the absence of a physical frontier, 97w carry these traditions on in the way we address the challenges of the modern frontier.

Our Vision

Through design, we seek to make all of your wildest dreams come true.