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Cuisine for Healing

Cuisine for Healing offers prepared, packaged, delicious, meals to anyone who wants to eat healthy or help a loved one while they are unable to drive, shop or cook for themselves. Our meals Do Not contain hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, refined sugars, MSG, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no trans fats or refined oils. Each recipe is created to provide a nutritious meal that contributes to optimal health. Cuisine also offers educational programs about "The Power of Food" and its ability to support a health immune system. Join us for a Cooking Demonstration Class or Healthy Talk with Dana; both include a delicious Cuisine for Healing meal.

The Outreach Food Program offers 2 fresh, healthy, packaged meals a day for up to 3 months, delivered to the home (at no charge) of qualified lower income clients. Cuisine served over 14,000 meals in Tarrant County last year.

History - Founder, Wendy Wilkie's Dream

Wendy Wilkie, a single mother of two small children began researching the impact of eating healthy as she battled Stage IV bone and liver cancer. Her battle with cancer first began with breast cancer in 1999, resulting in a double mastectomy in 2000. The Stage IV bone and liver cancer was diagnosed in 2003 and

was told to get her affairs in order. Wendy began to research the part food played in her battle and formed the opinion that eating healthy food could help her body withstand the ongoing cancer treatments and give her a better quality of life. But, she struggled many times with the availability of quality ingredients and the lack of education on what foods were a healthy choice for her. In 2006, Cuisine for Healing was created by Wendy whose dream was to have healthy, fresh, delicious meals delivered to the homes of people when they were too sick to drive, shop or cook for themselves. Wendy passed in August 2008 leaving her dream in the hearts and hands of a small group of friends.

In February 2010, the first Cuisine for Healing Certified Meals were prepared, packaged and delivered to low income patients; there was a total of 72 meals delivered that month. Fast forward to 2016, Cuisine for Healing has moved into a 3,000 square foot commercial kitchen at and secured over 2,900 square feet of office space at Texas Oncology; both gifts given in support of this incredible mission in Tarrant County.

Cuisine for Healing prepared over 14,000 meals in 2016 and our volunteers drove over 31,000 miles delivering meals to our Food Program participants.

 “When I sat down to eat this beautiful meal…I just could not stop crying. It is a gift of life for me and so much help to my family”.  Erika

Wendy’s dream lives on in all the Cuisine for Healing services offered in our community.

Cuisine for Healing Meals do not contain hormones; antibiotics; synthetic or conventional herbicides or pesticides; refined sugar; artificial colors, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners; preservative; MSG; refined oils, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils or trans-fats; and farm-raised fish or soy products. *Organic as defined by The USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

Outreach Food Program serves the lower income clients in Tarrant County who are in health crisis. Referrals come from all of the major medical facilities, doctors and social workers. Each qualified Outreach Food Program client receives lunch and dinner for each day of the week, delivered to their home on Tuesdays and Fridays for up to 3 months at no charge.

Meals for Purchase Program makes all of the Cuisine for Healing healthy, nutrition meals available to the general public. They can be purchased online at or by phone 817-921-2377. If you have a loved one, business associate or friend in need of help we have gift certificates available for purchase on our website When you purchase a gift certificate the recipient will receive an email with a gift code that allows them to select the meal they would like to order and have them delivered to their home.

CFH Healthy Box Lunch Program offers a healthy choice for your next office meeting, gathering of friends or business events, delivered to your office or home at no charge. Orders can be placed online at or by phone 817-921-2377.

Grab ‘n Go Meals are available for pick-up at our office, 1450 8th Avenue, Fort Worth from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday thru Friday.  Cuisine for Healing’s Grab ‘n Go Meals were selected by the public in the 2016 Best of issue of the Fort Worth, Texas Magazine.

The Power of Food Demonstration Cooking Classes are a lively and entertaining way to have a wonderful lunch and learn why & how to select the healthiest of ingredients. Cooking Classes are held quarterly at the Cuisine office or our team is available to come to your office or facility and hold a class for your staff. To learn more please call 817-921-2377

Educational Healthy Talks can be booked for your meetings, staff education or ladies club. Our Community Educator is a Registered Nurse and a Holistic Nutritionist. We have a variety of topics related to food, nutrition and health or you may request a specific topic such as Heart Healthy Foods. We also have supporting education about all we present in our office available for anyone to read as well as a weekly blog called; The Health and Wellness Corner with Dana. Visit our website at