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Everlasting Joy Jewelry

Everlasting Joy Jewelry provides unique, and handcrafted jewelry pieces. All EJ pieces are designed with care and craftsmanship beginning in the incubation stage of sketching the product all the way through to the production phase. Each collection gains inspiration from places the EJ team has traveled or trends of the current time. Inspiration boards are created and contain components such as materials, colors, textures, snapshots, and sketches. Samples are painstakenly produced at the beginning of every season as we always hope to stay one step ahead in new, unique designs. High quality natural gemstone stones, 14K gold plated and filled metals along with durable brass and silver finished metal materials, and unique focal components make up each piece of jewelry. Everlasting Joy strives to provide a one of a kind shopping experience, therefore, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our retail store front by the end of 2017.