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The best architecture is born out of a clear understanding of the people for whom it is built – their origins, values, purpose, location, and aspirations.  The goal of great architecture should be to transform our surroundings while being good stewards of the environment.  A sense of place and a sense of purpose is basic to the outcome.

A unique perspective comes from 39 years of integrating disciplines under one umbrella. It gives us insight and translates to vibrant sustainable design. We bring together urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, graphic artists, sustainability specialists and economic analysts on every architectural team for an integrated approach to design.  


Long before it was fashionable and long before LEED®, GSBS was incorporating sustainable design components like daylighting, high-performance building systems and energy efficiency—resulting in efficient designs with minimal maintenance.  We think that’s wise stewardship of our client’s resources and the natural resources we share with the rest of the planet.

We aspire to Sustainable Design Excellence—to go above and beyond what is expected.  These three words describe our approach to every single project we undertake.  We push the limit, continually striving to incorporate innovation in design and make each project: 

+ MORE VALUABLE:  Lower maintenance and operation cost

+ MORE LIVABLE:  Healthier environment

+ MORE RESPONSIBLE:  Efficient, environmentally-friendly spaces

+ MORE AESTHETIC:  Award-winning design that evokes emotion

Eye-catching design is key, but we measure success by the performance of our projects and by our clients’ satisfaction.  Contact us.  We’re ready to transform your world.