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Guardianship Services, Inc.

The mission of GSI is to provide guardianship or supports and services for at-risk adults in Tarrant County.


Guardianship:  GSI is appointed by the Tarrant County Probate Courts to serve as a surrogate decision maker for those who lack capacity. Certified case managers make housing decisions, assess health needs, consent to treatment, arrange for needed social services, and make regular visits to monitor care for their clients.


Money Management: GSI provides this less-restrictive alternative to guardianship for clients who, per medical evidence provided by a physician, are not capable of managing their finances in their own best interest. Clients consent to be a part of this program and permit GSI to serve as their representative payee. Most clients receive financial coaching and bill payer services. This usually enables them to remain independent and in their own homes.


Financial Exploitation Prevention Center (FEPC): GSI collaborates with the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney and local partner agencies to connect aging adults or adults with one or more physical, developmental, or cognitive disability, their families and caregivers, with needed services, programs and supports to prevent and protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation.



The Area Agency on Aging initially funded Volunteer Guardians in 1985 to serve as guardian agents for vulnerable adults sixty years and older. Senior Citizen Services assumed responsibility for Volunteer Guardians in 1990. Eight years later, Volunteer Guardians became Guardianship Services, Inc. (GSI), serving the needs of all adults, eighteen years and older, who needed the protection of guardianship. The Money Management Program was created in 2000; this program was expanded in 2005 to include the Money Management Education Program. In 2017, GSI and the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office joined forces to form the Financial Exploitation Prevention Center, designed to increase awareness of exploitation.