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In 1881, Louis P. Robertson purchased the undertaking department from Fakes & Co. Furniture, thereby establishing L. P. Robertson  Undertaker.

In the early 1900's, Robertson took on a partner Fred P. Mueller and the name was changed to Robertson & Mueller Funeral Co. and was located at Tenth & Taylor, downtown. E. C. Harper joined the Fort Worth business in 1921, purchasing Mr. Robertson's interests in 1927.

Harper and Mueller moved the company, Robertson-Mueller-Harper Funeral Directors, from its downtown location in 1929 to a "state of the art" facility in the Near Southside at Pennsylvania and Ballinger Avenues. The pair were joined by their sons, E. C. Harper, Jr. and Louis P. Mueller. The Mueller interests were purchased by the Harper family in 1947, becoming sole owners of the funeral company. The home moved to its present location at 1500 Eighth Avenue in 1955.

While serving famalies since 1881, Robertson-Mueller-Harper (RMH) has remained on the cutting edge of Modern Funeral, Cremation, and Memorial practices. RMH is a family owned and operated establishment, which is comfortably apparent when a family has suffered a loss. 

We value assisting families in celebrating and honoring a life lived. In a world that urges us to 'move on,' or 'put this behind you,' the bereaved often struggle with a common challenge: how to remember the people they can't imagine living without. At RMH we recognize a newfound thirst for looking back, and help with step by step ways to honor your loved ones and rejoice in your ancestors. In a world that urges us to 'move on', or 'put this behind you', the bereaved often struggle with a common challenge: how to remember the people they can't imagine living without ? We can offer a wide range of creative and compelling suggestions and activities , from food to music and beyond. 

A quote from the wonderful book "Passed and Present keeping memories of loved ones alive" explains what you can expect when choosing RMH. "Famalies truly need help with ideas and habits for remembering loved ones." RMH's motivation is to guide a family through loss, and also about celebration; about the past, the present, and a future that embraces happiness, the people we miss, and all they still mean to us. How we remember those we love is as important as what we remember.