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TechFW is a non-profit organization that has been helping entrepreneurs launch and grow emerging technology companies since 1998. We identify entrepreneurs and startup companies with technologies that have a high potential for success in the marketplace and mentor, coach, and relentlessly push them toward success. Where and when appropriate we match the resources of the community with the passion of entrepreneurs to extend the support system necessary to nurture the startup and growth of the companies. Our main programs for entrepreneurs include:

  • ThinkLab: your personal investment into the foundations of your technology venture and skill development as a founder and entrepreneur.
  • SmartStart: where you build and launch your startup and tirelessly advance the people, tools, and culture within your venture.  
  • FastForward: for scaling high-growth companies and taking on new leadership challenges after finding a scalable business model.

We have celebrated two big exits in the past four years from the companies we work with ZS Pharma being acquired by AstraZeneca for more than $2 billion dollars in 2015 and Encore Vision being acquired by Novartis for $465 million in 2016.

TechFW is also home to Cowtown Angels, the local angel network of individual accredited investors who invest in early-stage ventures. We are the bridge between entrepreneurs and investors. Since the launch of the program in 2012, the group has invested over $18.5 million into 34 companies across the United States including Encore Vision.