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The Hudgins Companies


We’ve established a pretty lengthy track record developing successful, multifamily properties, and we’ve done it all over Texas. That kind of reliability translates directly into relationships that are just about as lengthy. It also leads to the sort of investment opportunities our lenders and equity partners are looking for.


Counting industrial, retail and office use, we own and manage more than 25 properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, 350,000 square feet of that in industrial and retail space. The secret to our success? Well, it’s pride, not only in the quality of our properties, but also in the service we provide. It’s what pushes us to respond to every tenant issue with a solution that sticks.


In North Texas alone, The Hudgins Companies has developed more than 3,000 single-family lots over the history of the company. Looking back on it, we’re especially proud of one thing: that our experience–in site development and design, entitlements, and every other aspect of the process–has made a significant contribution to establishing thriving, residential communities all over the state.]