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Veritas Roofing, LLC

Starting as football teammates at Bishop Lynch HS in Dallas TX, John Koepp and Cahill Hooker reconnected in Fort Worth TX after starting their careers and families, and began working on a plan to form a business together.  John’s business, Koepp Construction, had already successfully built a reputation with its customers of quality homeowners can trust with unparalleled service. The two saw a fantastic opportunity to join their complementary skill sets and backgrounds and form a new type of roofing company, and Veritas Roofing was born.

Veritas Roofing’s mission is to put the property owner first at all times, fulfill every promise, and never concede on material or installation quality.  Veritas Roofing stands by its product for the life of the roof and Veritas Roofing’s warranty extends to the next owner of your property at no cost.  

At Veritas Roofing, we provide each customer the same level of service regardless of project size, and we treat each roof as if it were our own or one of our family member’s roofs.  John and Cahill had heard too many stories of North Texas property owners who had poor experiences with contractors who chase the storms and leave town the next day. Veritas Roofing is committed to serving its customers for life.  Veritas Roofing is a company that is here for its customers all night & day and is here to stay. Veritas Roofing is an active member of the Fort Worth community with its office located in Fort Worth’s Near Southside. Both owners of Veritas Roofing call Fort Worth their home and are raising their families in Fort Worth.  Veritas Roofing takes jobs of all sizes, from small residential roof repairs, shingle repairs, installing new gutters, installing skylights, up to commercial roof replacement and total loss insurance restoration should severe weather or storms affect your home or property.

Veritas: more than a name.  Veritas is the Latin word for Truth, and Veritas is both our name and our commitment.  Our company slogan is “Know the TRUTH about your roof” and to us it is more than just a catchy phrase.  Too often North Texas homeowners and property owners are sold full replacement roof solutions when a more economical repair can solve the property owner’s problem.  When Veritas Roofing provides a free inspection to a homeowner, Veritas Roofing delivers the truth about the roof to the property owner. Some of our proudest moments come when a free inspection results with a bill of clean health, and Veritas Roofing gets to let the customer know they have a great roof.  

Veritas Roofing’s primary goal is to put the property owner first, not to sell a roof replacement.  At Veritas Roofing, we treat others as we would have them treat us.