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Magnolia Parking in the News

Jul 27, 2019

In mid-July, an important issue for our community received some valuable press coverage. The news stories were covering an ongoing discussion within the Near Southside community about the possibility of paid parking on Magnolia.

In 2018, Near Southside, Inc. contracted a consulting firm to conduct a study of the parking situation on Magnolia Avenue and the blocks just to the north and south, which included overflow into the Fairmount neighborhood. In early 2019, the report’s results confirmed that for most zones studied, the demand for parking exceeded the supply.

Recommendations included a Residential Parking Permit program for the northern-most blocks of Fairmount, paid parking on Magnolia to encourage turnover of parking spaces, and the potential establishment of a Parking Benefit District that would reinvest the income from parking into street and sidewalk maintenance.

Near Southside, Inc. has been holding a series of meetings with local stakeholders, residents, business and property owners, and employees in the Magnolia Village area, and will continue to seek input on this important topic in our community.

Read this in-depth and insightful story by Steve Steward in the Fort Worth Weekly to learn more, in addition to this story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and on WFAA.

If you want to dive into the details of the parking study, the PDF is available for download.