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Project Detail

Broadway Chapter Art Commission

South Main Village Vickery Village

Broadway Chapter Apartments

401 Hemphill Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76104


In partnership with the Near Southside’s community art program Art South, CRG/Clayco is seeking to commission an artist for a mural on the concrete facade of a 5-story parking garage at their multi-family project, Broadway Chapter, currently under construction at 401 Hemphill Street. The garage facade is not a single monolithic wall but instead comprised of five horizontal concrete bands, separated by open air segments dedicated to ventilation. The mural walls are estimated to total 5,000 square feet in surface area. The goal is to create an iconic piece of public art that is both engaging and inspiring. Paint is sure to be the primary medium due to budget and scale, however artists are encouraged to think creatively and incorporate other materials as they see fit so long as they are durable and sustainable for maintenance. The artwork should be representative of the Near Southside’s unique culture.



FIRST you are requested to please read the full project brief

NEXT the following via an online application at

Once logged in, press the BROADWAY CHAPTER COMMISSION button to get started.

1. Artist Statement providing information about your personal practice and approach - submitted in a text field 

2. Brief Project Approach (no more than 500 words) - submitted in a text field

3. Artist provides previous large scale work experience and lift operations information

4. CV/Resume - .doc or .pdf is preferred (Optional attachment, not required)

5. Two professional references



District: Fort Worth’s Near Southside

Building: Broadway Chapter Apartments 

Address: 401 Hemphill Street Fort Worth, Texas 76104


BUDGET  $25,000 + $25,000 value of materials provided

• $25,000 artist fee

• $5,000 Access to discretionary support budget for non-paint supplies, assistant or commercial support (all expense must be substantiated with invoices and receipts to CRG)

• Paint will be provided to the artist, ordered by CRG to artist specifications

• Mechanical lift and operator provided to artist for use during painting above-grade work.




Friday, February 26 Application Deadline

Monday, March 22 Selection announced

Thursday, March 25 Final concept approved

March 30 - May 3 Mural production period + completion date



Broadway Chapter is Fort Worth’s newest apartment community located in the Near Southside neighborhood. Broadway Chapter is designed to be a hub for bold minds and a launchpad into the vibrant experiences and energy of the Near Southside. Built on the heritage of Fort Worth’s rich cultural history and the Near Southside’s creativity and cultural diversity—those uplifting influences that open our minds to life’s greatest possibilities—Broadway Chapter calls those of us who want more out of a home than simply a place to rest our head. Broadway Chapter is part of the national Chapter collection of unique apartments, each designed to provide spaces and experience that help residents not only live well but to grow as people. Broadway Chapter is a 5-story wood-framed multifamily housing complex located at 401 Hemphill Street in Fort Worth’s Near Southside district. This 320,000 SF development consists of 242 one and two bedroom rental apartments together with 4,500 square feet of first class amenity space facing a vibrant courtyard. The project will offer high quality interior finishes and full amenities for its residents.



• To create an iconic high-quality one-of-a-kind public art landmark

• To add value and artistry the Broadway Chapter in keeping with their community

• Art that is representative of our Near Southside culture and/or community

• Showcase regional talent

• Offer opportunity to regional artist/s 

• Promote artistic point of view

• Catalyze public awareness of this new project by creating a sense of place



• Reflect local culture’s past and community’s future ambition.

• Add a creative aesthetic to the built environment which energizes the neighborhood’s principles and personality.

• Though the building’s name includes ‘Broadway’, we are not seeking theatrical  inspiration. Instead, the name refers to the historic Near Southside street.

• Highlight diversity and resilience, grit and hope, celebration and joy.

• Create a sense of motion, action, and visual thrust with the artistic content.

• Emphasize the new Fort Worth culture. We are not looking for the imagery of traditional western themes - boots, hats, cowboys, etc. The artist should instead take inspiration from the Modern West, an eclectic mix of heritage and contemporary style.

MOST IMPORTANTLY...The artist must be eager to explore design that inspires engagement, from photos to physical interaction as the site plan allows.



Selection of the right artist is not just a matter of talent or experience, but instead a combination of those skill-sets and attitude. 

We are looking for a partner who will think and act collaboratively when designing and producing the mural. The developer is seeking an artist who will listen to and involve the public, as needed, and will consider the Art South and CRG/Clayco teams as partners. Equally as important, the artist must be accommodating to feedback or requests from the project’s program managers and art director (see meet our team), as well as champion the process for themselves and the community. 

We believe this mural offers an opportunity for narrating our community’s history and future, values and vision, through the unique perspective of the selected artist. It is our expectation that the artist can and will retain the artistic vision - as we are not proposing a design by committee or design by community process. However, through thoughtful assessment and collaboration the artist can provide impact to the community. Murals tell stories, create experiences, inspire engagement, increase foot traffic, welcome tourism, spark appreciation for the arts and artists, and improve attractiveness of the place. These are principles we hold true and expect the artist to as well. 

Artist must have previous large-format experience or 12’ x 12’ or greater

Artist must live in, work in, or have significant connections to Texas to apply.

Artist must be confident working on a lift in various elements. While it is not required to apply, the committee looks favorably on artists who previous experience operating a lift as it may eliminate the need for a lift operator to work with the artist.

Artist must utilize professional written and verbal communications skills to successfully coordinate with project managers, on site construction team, and CRG/Clayco art director in order to navigate construction demands, supplies management, on site needs and scheduling.

Artist must commit to working directly with CRG/Clayco to secure necessary supplies for the project, including testing materials prior to placing full order. 

Artist must provide remaining supplies and paint color codes to CRG/Clayco upon completion of the project to ensure maintenance in the event of mural damage.

Artist must be capable of thinking both practically and whimsically as a designer, problem-solver, and partner. For example, if the artist wishes to incorporate mixed media, they should ensure that the mosaic, found materials, reflective materials, photography, and can be successfully applied to be durable for outdoor conditions and maintenance. How can every day materials that meet both the budget and the technical needs deliver visual and artistic impact.

Artist must have a unique and personal artistic point-of-view. 

Artist is encouraged to engage the community throughout the artistic process.



Art South facilitates the selection process. Once the application has closed, project administrators review all applications to identify qualified artists. The Selection Committee then meets to review qualified artists to establish “artists of interest.” Artists of interest are invited to participate in an interview and casual discussion via Zoom with a Selection Committee Core Team to discuss the project and hear more from the artist about their proposed project approach. After the interviews, the Core Team commissions 2-3 finalists concept renderings for a fee of $250 each. The artist concepts will submit these renderings to the program administrators for review in advance of the concept 

presentation meeting. Artists are then be invited to present their concept renderings to the Core Team at a second and final interview via Zoom. A selection will be made following the interview and all artists who applied for the opportunity will be notified of the results. The commissioned artist will then meet with the program managers to discuss any concept modifications requested by the committee and establish a final concept rendering for approval. Upon approval of final concept, the artist will be provided with a contract to enter into agreement with CRG/Clayco. The artist will coordinate the mural production directly with CRG/Clayco. Artist meet the deadlines of the project for an unveiling date that both the artist and program administrators agree upon.



Near Southside is committed to championing equity and ensuring  opportunity for historically marginalized communities in Fort Worth and the North Texas region.

In that effort, our selection process ensures that at least 50% of selected finalists identify with a historically marginalized community. Examples of historically marginalized communities include, but are not limited to, Black, African American, Indigenous American, Native American, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, American Indian, Native Alaskan, Latinx, Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Persons of Color, Disabled, LGBTQQ2SPIAA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirit, Pansexual, Intersexual, Asexual, Allies, and + representing anyone that uses other language to dis-identify with heterosexuality or heteronormativity), and females. These are just examples and you are invited to express your identity in your own words on your application if you wish to be considered as such for our selection process.