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Near Southside Public Art

Near Southside is proud to boast a long list and wide variety of publicly accessible arts throughout the district. As a creative hub in Fort Worth we are honored to display the work of local artists for our whole community to enjoy. 


#youareNEAR by Kristen Soble and Brooke Collins, 400 W. Vickery Blvd.




E. Daggett Ave. Mural by Adam Werner 




Amphibian Stage Productions mural by Monica Wright, John Worley and Mike Moffatt




art by Brad Smith




art by Todd Bot




WHO WAH WAH WHO by Schaefer Advertising Co., (demolished 2019)




Arts 5th Ave mural




Art Tooth Gallery Box




ArtsGoggle Man by Cammi Ratliff




Consequently by Tina McIntire 




Creation by Sunflowerman




Creativity Loves Company at Backlot Studios




Elizabeth Tower by Alice Bateman 




Florescence by Juan and Patricia Navarrete 




Flowers Connect by ChoKe




Follow Your Dreams by Katie Murray 




Forgotten Wilds by Anya Boz 




Freedom Train by Jeff Gottfried 




Funkytown by Regan Bimbi 




GIRL by FeeBee 




Hannah (of mixed race) by Nathan Madrid




Healing by Dahlia Horne




Heaven Send Hell Away by Cosmo Jones




Hey Good Lookin' by Laura Mayberry




Homemaker by Michelle Cortez Gonzales




HOPE (Dedicated to The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders) by Rebecca Zook 




In My Own World by Stacie Monday




In The Woods by Molly Slaughter




kiddtekno-mural.exe by Jaime Flores 




Las Musas by Uno




Locust Cider mural by Katie Murray




Love Lives Here by Cammi Ratliff 




Love The Fort Worth mural at Brewed




Matchstick Man by Brandon Pederson 




Memory: Fairmount Park by Bart Shaw 




 Mistletoe Station by Ariel Davis 




Mr. Squiggles by Eric Inkala, Fort Works Art




Mr. Squiggles by Eric Inkala, Fort Works Art




Paris Coffee Shop Mural




PLAY by Adam Werner




Pay Attention! by Brad Smith




sin título by Sylvia Mtx 




The Emperors Court by Jan Riggins 




The Inanimate by Sara Barnett 




The Party by Laura Mayberry 




United We Stand by Eric McGehearty




Urban Street Life by Benito Huerta 




Waves in Gray, Black and White by Timothy Harding 




Grasshopper at Ronald McDonald House




Dickson-Jenkins Plaza mural by Katie Murray




Just ONE Bite by Kristen Soble



Porch Swing Project by Laura Mayberry




Wild, Brave & Free by Sarah Ayala




In Memory of Vanessa Guillen by Juan Velazquez & Sarah Ayala



You'll Never Walk Alone by Jay Wilkinson



Fort Worth by Kristen Soble



Cosmic Journey by Eric "Drigo" Rodriguez




clumps & zombie by Jeremy Joel and Jay Wilkinson (scrubbed in 2019)