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The Pool Near Southside

Park Place Village

The Pool Near Southside Arts Space

Located at the ground floor of Everly Plaza apartments

1801 8th Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76110

Fort Worth’s Near Southside Cultural District managed by sister non-profit organizations Near Southside, Inc. and Near Southside Arts manages the 2,400 square foot Near Southside community art space, The Pool, located at 1801 8th Avenue at the ground floor of the Everly Plaza. The Pool is a unique partnership between Everly Plaza property owners, Saigebrook Development and O-SDA Industries, and Near Southside, Inc. 

Managed by Near Southside Arts, The Pool is drawn from the Near Southside’s culture of  “rebellious creativity” and serves as a welcoming, adaptable space dedicated to local artists; a space swimming with talent where established artists can make a splash as they debut exploratory works that expand their practice and emerging artists can dip a toe in the water as they explore and establish themselves in Fort Worth’s art scene. The Pool partners with local non-profit arts organizations, individual artists and artist collectives to offer affordable and accessible community art space for group shows, professional workshops, and community engagement. In addition, artists across all media are encouraged to envision the space for their personal exhibitions and invited to work closely with the Near Southside Arts staff to plan events and programming at The Pool.


The Pool, a Near Southside Arts Space, invites exhibition proposals from INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS, ARTIST COLLECTIVES, CURATORS and ARTS PROGRAMMING LEADERS interested in displaying artwork in the gallery. The Pool's Proposal Application a rolling application and proposals will be reviewed as they are submitted. 

WE'RE READY TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you have visited us at The Pool and thought to yourself (or mentioned to us) that you'd like to be involved - the time has come.We have built a FREE application for individual artists, artist collectives, curators, and those proposing arts programming (like a demonstration, live performance, film screening or continuing education for artists) to The Pool, a Near Southside Arts Space. 



INDIVIDUAL ARTIST PROPOSING A SOLO SHOW – An exhibition where only one artist's work is shown in the gallery
INDIVIDUAL ARTIST SEEKING INCLUSION IN A GROUP SHOW- An artist may submit a request for consideration of their artwork to be included in a group show or for consideration of a solo show curated by The Pool’s gallery managers.
CURATOR OR ARTIST COLLECTIVE PROPOSING A SHOW - An exhibition that includes the curated artwork of more than one artist. Curators will be responsible for the selection of participating artists and works included (subject to The Pool's approval).
HOSTING ARTS PROGRAMMING – A request to utilize the gallery space to host arts programming such as a film screening, an art class, demonstrations, performance art, or continuing education workshops for artists.


Please visit our portal to read the fine print about the proposal requirements, payment schedules, and to submit your proposal. If you have never signed in to our portal before, please watch your email carefully to follow and complete the login verification process.
IF APPROVED: applicants will be responsible for the installation and removal of art, exhibition signs and art labels, and all necessary materials for the exhibition of artworks and repairs to gallery walls. In addition, approved partners must establish regular gallery hours (recommended Thursday through Sunday) and provide staffing when the gallery is open. Approved partners will also be responsible for the planning, promotion, and staffing of one opening and one closing event. If your proposal is approved for exhibition at The Pool, a formal contract will be provided with the full terms of gallery use.
Fees and revenue-sharing agreements will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Contracts will be provided to all users of The Pool to ensure all terms are clearly outlined and both the user and The Pool’s management are in full agreement prior to the partnership’s confirmation. As a general rule of thumb, the key terms of that contract are as follows:
SALES: All work will be for sale unless the artist informs the gallery to the contrary and the artwork is clearly marked as “Not For Sale”. Unless other agreements are made in writing between the artist/curator and The Pool, a standard 30% of proceeds from sales will go to The Pool and the remaining 70% will go to the artists or curator to disperse to artists per their own sales agreements. The Pool will require a list of all artworks, artists represented and prices as part of the application.
FEES: For those wishing to reserve the gallery to host arts programming at The Pool, unless other agreements are made in writing between the artist/curator and The Pool, a standard rental fee of $100 per day will be required and detailed in the contract signed by both parties.
SECURITY DEPOSIT: Approved applicants agree to pay The Pool a security deposit of $100 per day of use. The security deposit will be held by The Pool until the completion of the contracted partnership agreed to by both parties. The Pool may apply all or part of the security deposit as full or partial compensation. If any portion of the security deposit is applied, approved applicants shall be notified within 5 days by The Pool. If damages and necessary compensation owed to The Pool exceed the amount provided by the security deposit, artists or curators must make payment to The Pool in an amount sufficient to fulfill the financial obligation as required by the signed contract.
Submissions will be reviewed as they are submitted. If you are selected to exhibit, you will need to provide precise specifications of what you plan to display. While we will respect your original artistic vision, we retain the final right to edit the exhibition.
SUBMISSION: Images must be JPEGs with a minimum width/height of 800 pixels, and a maximum size of 2MB. Do not use spaces or special characters (!@$, etc) in image file names. Near Southside Arts reserves the right to reject inaccurately represented work, or incomplete submissions.
PRESENTATION: Artists and curators are responsible for the installation of all artworks. Artwork should be installed in a professional manner, in keeping with the expectations of a gallery setting. For example, suitably framed or with sides cleanly finished and ready for hanging. If art is intended to be installed in a more casual or unconventional manner, there must be a consistent curatorial point of view for installation that feels purposeful as opposed to unfinished.
USE OF IMAGES: Any image submitted may be used for non-commercial, marketing or promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include in any publications, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.
APPROPRIATENESS: User shall not display or permit to be displayed artwork and other materials containing sexual imagery, nudity, graphic depictions of violence, the use of illicit substances, or any artwork or materials that are offensive or create a hostile environment for visitors to The Pool or residents of Everly Plaza. User shall at no time discriminate against an artist or artist group on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, disability, or sexual orientation. All artworks displayed by User must meet the Miller Test and are not considered obscene (works that are lacking in serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value), per the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Miller v. California. This agreement shall be subject to review and approval by The Pool Manager. The Pool Manager is also responsible for seeking all necessary reviews and approvals from Everly Plaza Landlord.
PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT: Users, and the exhibiting artists and curators they represent, are highly encouraged to create a public engagement component in conjunction with their exhibition. Users should work to present, as a key component of their exhibition and with assistance as requested from Manager, interesting community programs such as artist talks, workshops, panel discussions, public receptions, or other experiences for visitors from the community. When sharing your exhibition and events on social media, tag @thepool_nearsouthside to help us promote your partnership.

  • Exhibition Summary (doc or pdf)
  • A curator, artist, or artist collective statement
  • Resume/CV (doc or pdf)
  • Artist/Curator Headshot OR Artist Collective Logo
  • Up to 10 images of artworks (format all file names as
  • Two professional references (Name, email address, and cell phone)
  • Preferred length of gallery use
  • Requested dates of gallery use (not required)
DEADLINE: This application is open-ended. Near Southside Arts aims to keep The Pool programmed year-round, for the foreseeable future.
PLEASE NOTE: Proposals may be approved and not scheduled immediately. Approved applications will be considered for future openings in the calendar.

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The Pool: A Near Southside Arts Space


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